I tried so many things; I qualified as a Counsellor, working in the school where I teach 11-18 year olds.  I became involved in Art as Therapy, I tried every weight loss plan I could find but nothing worked for long, the anxiety, fear and panic where still inside me.
It was only when I discovered a new way of thinking about myself and the world that I began to realise that the only thing I could control was my own mind!
Turns out that was exactly what I needed, to totally transform my life.
We all create our own reality.
We are NOT broken!
We are simply following the patterns and ways of being that successfully kept us safe during childhood and earlier experiences.
With eutaptics FasterEFT we have a choice, a set of tools to change our memories and emotions to something positive, to how we would prefer them to be, consequently our whole world changes for the better too.
I felt free for the first time! Free to trust, free to really be me. I know the formula for changing what no longer serves me. When I take control of my mind, my life and experiences flow naturally and I can be, do and have what I truly desire.

I want that for you too.  I want to share with you the tools to take your real life back, the life you have always wanted.  To release the pain and hurts and to accept that you are loved, you are heard, you do matter. To know that ultimately everything is working out for your highest good.