We are Light
On the surface I appeared to be calm and happy, but underneath I was struggling to control my fears, anxieties and feelings of inadequacy.  I felt so lost and alone, I knew that there must be more to life than this constant struggle.
I began to read any book that I thought might have answers, by authors such as Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, and through a series of 'curious coincidences' I was led to FasterEFT.
I felt like I'd come home!
This was what I had been looking for. Eutaptics FasterEFT embodied all the principles and techniques, I had discovered into one simple, powerful and impactful modality.
The Hawaiian spiritual tradition teaches that we are a 'bowl of light' born containing the radiance of heaven and it is only the 'rocks' of fear, self doubt and worry that hide this light.
FasterEFT helps us to remove these rocks through transforming limiting beliefs and experiences so that we can heal, thrive and be the  'light' that we truly are.