The Six Pack: £600

This package will really build your healing muscles. Six, two hour sessions will enable more consistent therapy, longer mentorship and personal support via email, messaging or text. The six sessions should be completed over a six month period. Offer: 20% off for eutaptics Level 1 and 2 students.

Education Workshops: 4 Weeks: £250

I work with one group of students or staff, for one hour a week over a four week period. I will explain how our minds work and how we can use them naturally to reduce stress and feel happier. I will teach them how to use tapping as a self regulating too, how to keep a happy journal, where they can go to feel good for no reason and how to use Art as a visual meditation.

Children and Youth sessions: £60

A child or a youth session will be one and a half hours long. As children tend to shift more quickly than adults. A follow up session can also be booked for one hour, to check on the changes, if needed. {£30}