What to expect in a session

No two sessions are the same, we combine mindfulness, NLP, tapping, defractionation, meditation and more to help elicit changes.

Before we start I will go over what to expect during the session.

The session will be in 3 parts.

We will begin with the Intake.  I will ask you questions about the problem.  How it's affecting your life?  What outcome you'd like to achieve?

Then I will demonstrate the process of tapping.  I will ask you to focus your attention on the memories, feelings and beliefs from the Intake.  I will ask you to follow me, tapping where I do and saying what I say.  I will ask you questions throughout the tapping portion of the session to gauge your progress.

Some of the things I say may feel uncomfortable.  This is expected.  Remember I am here to support and guide your progress.  You are in control of the session.

Then toward the end of the session we will begin focussing on your desired outcome, to leave you feeling good.  I will show you how to tap on yourself between sessions.  This Self-help work is to help you continue to make positive changes.