What is eutaptics FasterEFT

" eutaptics is changing how the subconscious mind encodes, processes and reproduces experiences from the past. It's not just releasing the emotions from our experiences, but actually changing the way we hold the experience." Robert Gene Smith

Imagine your mind is like a massive computer, every experience you have is filed away as a memory. Not all of these references are helpful, but they can be changed! 

When you come across a situation, your mind 'Googles' how to handle it, based on what is stored or what you have experienced and how you interpreted and perceived it.

Your brain is plastic! It can learn and unlearn.  It's primary goal is to keep you safe.

Through the processes of eutaptics FasterEFT we use the mechanics of the brain, (memory reconsolidation, neuroplasticity and mindfulness) to help you let go of old unpleasant memories, outdated beliefs and to relieve stress.  By updating what you hold in your mind you can update your references and resources, so you can naturally and effortlessly find life more enjoyable. Allowing more joy, happiness and empowerment to flow into your life.